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Pei-Jiun Cheah

Pei-Jiun Cheah

Are you Running with your hand brake on?

When running you will either be working AGAINST gravity or WITH gravity.

If you were to ask any runner which option they prefer, the majority would agree that running with gravity would make your life a whole lot easier.

Yet, when I’m looking up pictures of runners on Google there are hundreds of photos similar to the one on the right: “What’s wrong with this photo” or “this is how I look when I’m running” are some of the responses to this photo.

When you are landing with your foot stretched out in front of your body as seen in the feature photo, your centre of mass and centre of gravity are no longer aligned.

Your muscles need to work extra hard to shift your body weight over your outstretched leg to get forward motion.

It’s basically like running with your handbrake on!

It’s a dangerous and unforgiving cycle that will affect every runner sooner or later.

Compare the above photo with the one below.

Here you see the foot landing right under the runner’s pelvis resulting in the centre of gravity and centre of mass being aligned.

Therefore, no extra work is required from the runner to maintain forward motion.

If you are currently experiencing any ankle, knee, hip or pelvic pain whiles running then there is a high likely hood that you look a little like the runner from picture one.

Changing your running style however is not an easy task.

Below are some running drills that you can perform as part of you pre-run warm up to encourage better running mechanics.

If your pain persists call reception to book in for a running assessment with one of the therapists.

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