Connect Therapy TM

About Connect TherapyTM

Connect TherapyTM is the notion of treating the human body as a whole – the mind, body and soul as one.

This means taking in each individual’s physical, emotional, mental and social well-being, to discover how each body functions as an integrated whole. This method of healing highlights the importance of the relationship between the practitioner and the patient, and the outcomes that can be achieved when treatment focuses the patient’s day to day movements in order to treat them for the long term.

Focusing on the connection of Mind : Body : Soul in the treatment of patients.

About knowledge

It’s important to have knowledge, but without experience or reasoning, it is challenging to meet the needs of patients. Stephen Hall (MD) defines the skill set of physiotherapists as “the ability to exercise good judgment in the face of imperfect knowledge”, and also cites the importance of doing the right thing “ethically, socially and personally”. There is more to clinical practice than just scientific processes; there needs to be a bond of trust and respect between the therapist and the patient in order to drill down into the root of the problem. We offer treatments to heal your mind, heart and body as a whole including physiotherapy, Pilates, meditation and much more.

Move your way to a better you

As mentioned above, Connect TherapyTM is about incorporating multiple techniques into the restorative process, and this includes the physical side of healing. Part of this process is restoring the body by using gentle exercises to heal joints and putting emphasis on the benefits of touch. This is done through physiotherapy to improve physical well-being and to teach patients how to take back control of their body through movement. We will assess your body from head to toe so that by the end of the assessment you will have a clear understanding of the cause of pain, how we will help you treat it and any further treatment plans and exercises required to achieve your goal.