Guided Meditation for Beginners

Getting started with meditation might seem difficult or even daunting as a first timer which is why Mind Heart Body Centre offers guided meditation classes for beginners.

Whether you’re in a private, one-on-one session or in a group scenario, a guided beginners meditation session will help you to focus your mind and provide you with some understanding and strategies to cope with distractions that might have you otherwise giving up and doing something else if you were at home.

Our guided meditation classes for beginners use techniques to coax your mind into becoming more present, grounded and alert.

Beginners meditation

Your guide may help you to draw your focus towards your breathing or your body to bring those areas into more awareness. In doing so, you may feel areas that were holding tension, both consciously and unconsciously, melt away. By incorporating meditation into your day to day life, even just for a few minutes, you will start to see small changes in how you react to difficult or distressing stimuli. As you are able to increase your meditation duration you will begin to experience increased awareness and more deeper relaxed states. This will have a positive flow-on effect on your sense of wellbeing once you emerge from your meditation session.

Guided meditation

Without having some initial experience in meditation, it is a good idea to attend a guided session at least a few times. Once you become more comfortable with the practices, you might feel more confident to continue practicing it by yourself or with a group of friends.

If you would like to find out more about our guided meditation classes for beginners give us a call today and take one step closer to a lighter, more relaxed state of being.