Pilates Mat Classes

Pilates can comprehensively shape your body and mind, leaving you refreshed, energised and engaged.

Pilates mat class exercises are a great way to partake in the Pilates experience, toning your body, strengthening your core and improving your flexibility.

Our small mat classes are ideal for those with no acute rehabilitation issues or injuries, looking for a general full body workout.

Pilates is a whole body technique and takes a little time to master. We ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly and mastering the Pilates technique catering from the absolute beginner to the experienced.

As you become more familiar with the exercises, we will increase the intensity and challenge you according to your abilities. Our instructors will always provide you with various levels of exercises so that you will be challenged whilst exercising safely.

Maximum number of participants is 10.

Pilates Mat Classes

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60 minute sessions | Mat Pilates is perfect for improving posture, mind-body connection, strength and mobility. Qualified Pilates instructors will teach you to perform exercises with good biomechanics and muscle activation. The movement skills you learn in mat pilates you’ll be able to carry over into any other form of exercise you do as well as movements commonly performed in your daily life.

Pilates mat class exercises can help to develop and enhance your:

  • abdominal and pelvic floor tone
  • core stability
  • spinal and joint mobility and stability
  • muscle strength and definition
  • posture and balance
  • flexibility
  • sleep quality
  • mood and energy levels

Pilates mat classes are not suitable for :

  • acute disc pathologies
  • osteoporosis or osteopenia
  • moderate to severe pelvic floor problems
  • pregnancy

In these instances, we would strongly recommend individualised assessment, Pilates Studio Sessions or Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions tailored to your specific requirements. If you are unsure of whether or not a mat class is suitable for you then please call us to discuss your needs.

Initial Assessment

Prior to attending a class an initial assessment with our physiotherapists is necessary to:

  • Ascertain any elements of your thorough history that may be problematic for your practice, or any areas that you wish to work on.
  • Perform a comprehensive postural assessment, (including a real time ultrasound assessment) to ensure that you are able to activate your core muscles without over recruiting the more superficial muscles
  • Introduce you to some postural alignment cues that are tailored to help you improve your movements
  • Provide you with specific exercises to help make your first group class safer, less daunting and more enjoyable.