Postural Assessment

Worried about your posture or your child’s posture?

Book in for a postural assessment. We will assess your twists and turns from head to toe.

From there we will work out what may be the cause of that particular posture. Sometimes it can be from poor foot positioning which may need manual foot releases, strengthening of foot muscles or orthotics. Other times your posture could be from an old injury and your body has forgotten it is no longer injured yet it has retained the posture needed to take strain off that particular area.

Whatever the cause is we will provide you with an action plan to improve your posture. This could involve hands on treatment, home exercises, Pilates, Yoga or meditation.

If you have a sports-specific goal in mind such as having pain in your neck, back or shoulder when performing a tennis serve, or groin or knee pain whilst running or dancing, please let us know so we can make that our primary focus.