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Meet Our Team

Mind Heart Body Centre specialises in many areas of Physiotherapy, Pilates and Meditation. Our team are ready to help.

Professional Staff


Pei-Jiun Cheah

Senior Physiotherapist
Polestar Pilates Mentor
Meditation Facilitator
Bachelor of Applied Science Physiotherapy (University of Sydney)
Certificate in Pilates for Rehabilitation (Polestar Pilates)
Mentor for Pilates Instructors-in-Training (Polestar Pilates Australia)
GRAVITY Total Gym Foundation and Post Rehab Training
Meditation Facilitator

Pei-Jiun is an experienced physiotherapist, certified Pilates Instructor for Rehabilitation, Polestar Pilates mentor and meditation facilitator who specialises her practice in movement and dance and the intricate play between flexibility and stability. Her physiotherapy working experience extends from assessing and treating post-operative clients both on land and in a hydrotherapy pool, pre and post natal clients, clients with sporting injuries, spinal issues, arthritic and osteoporotic conditions to full time ballet dancers. Her passion for treating the person as a whole comes from her own personal injury experiences. Whilst growing up, Pei-Jiun has always been very active, playing basketball, volleyball, dancing and ballet. As a result, she has had various injuries and understands the importance of treating not only the physical body, but also addressing mental and emotional states to achieve your highest performance goals.

Professional Interests
  • Treating back or pelvic pain
  • Rib, neck or hip dysfunction
  • Sporting and Dance injuries
  • Women’s Health– pre and post natal, continence
  • Musician related injuries
  • Physio and rehabilitation after surgeries such as mastectomies, gastrointestinal, urological, renal surgeries.

When Pei-Jiun is not working or attending the numerous courses she enrols in yearly, you will find her spending time with her children, horse riding, stand up paddle boarding, indoor rock climbing, dancing salsa or ballet, playing the piano or meditating.


Jade Hoopman


Bachelor of Physiotherapy
(Curtin University)
Dry Needling Certified Level 1 & 2
DMA Clinicial Pilates Level 1

Jade completed her physio training at Curtin University in WA and has experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy treating a range of clients with ankle sprains to back and neck pain.

Jade became a physio after suffering chronic headaches and found physio helpful in providing relief. Over the last few years she has developed a special interest in treating hypermobility conditions and chronic illness, particularly Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

She believes in the power of a holistic approach when treating patients.

Professional Interests:
  • Headaches
  • Hypermobility
  • Chronic fatigue

Jade loves reading, tending to her indoor plants and playing music.


Sunanta Thitthong


Bachelor degree of Science
Physical Therapy), Rangsit University
APPI Certified Clinical Matwork Pilates Instructor
APPI Certified Clinical Equipment Pilates Instructor

Sunanta graduated from physiotherapy in Thailand and has also worked in Qatar as a physiotherapist and Emirates flight attendant.

She enjoys helping her patients become more active by progressively helping them improve through hands on treatment as well as exercise and Pilates rehabilitation.

In 2018 Sunanta was introduced to Pilates whilst in Qatar and after several months of practice she noticed changes in her body, especially her posture and body awareness. This experience made her more interested in the health benefits of Pilates and how it could complement her work as a physiotherapist.

Sunanta moved to Sydney in 2022 where she studied Clinical Pilates with APPI to enhance her physiotherapy knowledge. Her goal was to deepen her understanding of how different body movements and exercises decreases pain, improves function and enhances people’s mood.

Professional Interests
  • Scoliosis
  • Neck pain/shoulder pain
  • Back pain
  • Ante/ Post natal
  • Getting runners running efficiently to diminish strains that go through their body
  • Helping surfers get back on the board and in the water. Helping them feel more ease and smoothness when riding the waves

In her free time, Sunanta loves to stay fit and connected to nature by running, surfing, bush walking or any other outdoor activities.


Chyntia Prescelia


Bachelor Medical Sciences
(University of Sydney)
Doctor of Physiotherapy
(Macquarie University)

After completing a Bachelor of Medical Science from Sydney University Chyntia was inspired to pursue a Doctor of Physiotherapy from Macquarie University to help her understand and overcome health challenges she was facing. Her clinical background ranges from neurosurgery, orthopaedics and spinal cord injury rehabilitation.

Chyntia’s primary interest lies in addressing conditions such as lower back and knee pain, and neurological conditions.

Chyntia believes in empowering her patients to take charge of their health and well-being, emphasising the importance of self-care and proactive lifestyle choices.

Professional Interests
  • Treating tennis and badminton players
  • Lower back pain
  • Knee pain

In her spare time Chyntia enjoys painting, tennis, hosting board game days and spending time with her dog, Polo.


Charlotte Twitchell

Pilates Instructor

Bachelors degree in Kinesiology – Dance and Movement Sciences (major) – Indiana University USA
Dance (Major) – Hebrew University with the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Israel 2014
Dance Summer Program Dance Italia Luca Italy,
Professional Dancer creative and technical contemporary dance, Australia
Physiotherapy Student (2023 2nd year undergrad) – Macquarie University Ryde Sydney.
STOTT Pilates Certification
Barre Teacher

Charlotte is an American born classical and contemporary dancer, choreographer and teacher and has worked with elite dancers of all ages from places like Wild Hearts Co., NSW State Dance Ensemble, Brent St, among others.

She began dance training at a pre-professional ballet school where she was trained extensively in Classical Ballet, Modern, Tap, and Jazz techniques.

She is also currently a professional contemporary dancer with Twisted Element, under direction of Angela Hamilton, and continues to find a deeper more profound understanding of what it means to be a true creative artist.

Her degree in Kinesiology has formed her teaching style into a mix of deep body awareness training and focus on anatomy as well as a strong focus in cultivating creativity and passion in students.

Her main focus for young dancers is to build a deep appreciation and understanding of movement and their bodies, as well as pushing dancers to be creative and confident in their movement. She strives to provide a safe space for young dancers to be themselves while getting the best training possible.

Charlotte has taught Pilates with Mind Heart Body Centre since October 2022 and has been on Reception with us since 2017.

Professional Interests
  • Dancer’s health and fitness
  • Hypermobility

Charlotte loves roller skating, painting and drawing, rock climbing and working out. She loves to read fiction when she has time between gigs and study.


Zurina Bryant

Pilates Instructor

Certificate 3 In Fitness
Certificate 3 In Gym instruction
Certificate 3 In Group Fitness
Certified Comprehensive Polestar Pilates Studio Instructor

Zurina’s journey through movement and fitness is a testament to her lifelong passion for dance and dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

From beginning ballet at 4 years old and progressing to the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), Zurina has always longed to maintain strength and regain it through pregnancy and motherhood.

Zurina rediscovered the joy of movement whilst attending and working in a gym and began her journey towards a healthier self. It was during this time that she incorporated Pilates into her fitness routine, complementing her strength training and providing a new avenue for physical and mental well-being.

Zurina’s dedication to Pilates led her to pursue certification which she received from Polestar Pilates in Singapore. Upon relocating to Sydney in December 2021, she immersed herself in the fitness community and completed her Certificate III in Fitness with the Australian Institute Academy.

Drawing from her classical ballet background and years of experience in coaching and training, Zurina now shares her passion for Pilates with others as an instructor at Mind Heart Body Centre. Her journey has taught her the importance of treating the body with care and respect, especially as it ages. With the belief that each individual has the power to cultivate a healthier lifestyle, Zurina approaches her work with enthusiasm, ensuring that her clients not only achieve their fitness goals but also find joy and fulfilment in the process.


Zurina enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She likes non-spicy hikes, goes to the gym and likes to dance. She’s a self-professed organiser, an avid reader, a music lover and loves to travel when she can!


Rosie Schwartz

Pilates Instructor

Diploma of Athlete Support Services
Certificate 4 in Fitness, Personal Trainer
Certificate 3 In Fitness, Gym instruction, Group Fitness
Certificate In Ballet Teaching Studies
Royal Academy of Dance
Advanced 2 with Distinction
Royal Academy of Dance
Certificate 4 in Pilates Mat Instruction (Polestar)
Level 2 Accreditation
Australian Strength and Conditioning Association

Rosie Schwartz ARAD has had a lifelong appreciation of movement. Rosie trained in classical ballet from the age of 4 into adulthood, completing all examinations through the Royal Academy of Dance, as well as being involved recreationally in many sports.

Moving into the fitness industry was a natural progression. Rosie started Vocational Tertiary Education at Meadowbank TAFE in 2006 where she studied a Cert 3 in Fitness, a Cert 4 in Personal Training and a Diploma of Athlete Support Services. Alongside this, Rosie started her ballet teaching career and began working at Resolution Fitness, a commercial gym where she was contracted as a Personal Trainer for 6 years.

From the outset of her studies Rosie felt a calling to provide strength and conditioning services specifically designed for dancers. Over the following years Rosie gained qualifications and experience relevant to her vision and by 2010 had begun working with dancers in this capacity. In 2014, Rosie registered her strength and conditioning business ‘Dance Athlete’. Today, Dance Athlete clients include some of Sydney’s top ballet training institutes and dancers in elite levels of training.

Rosie’s great appreciation of Pilates continues to blossom and grow. Rosie considers her choice to study with Polestar Pilates in 2013, one of her best decisions. Pilates principles align perfectly with Rosie’s movement background and holistic training philosophy. Pilates is an invaluable study for dancers and for people in any walk of life.

Today Rosie continues to provide strength and conditioning services for dancers, RAD ballet teaching and Pilates mat instructing. Rosie is currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science part time at ACU.


I spend most of my free time with my daughter and family. I enjoy DIY projects, creative writing, and the occasional ballet class.

Support Staff


Susan Ward



Susan started with MHBC in February 2019. She comes with a wealth of experience in administration and office management after many years working as an Executive Assistant in both public and private industry. She absolutely loves looking after clients and staff alike and the team often see her as the ‘Mum’ of the studio. 


Away from work, she has an interest in gardening, yoga and essential oils. Susan lives locally and enjoys the Artarmon lifestyle. 


Gabby Menge


Bachelor of Food and Nutrition
La Trobe University, July 2022

A receptionist at Mind Heart Body Centre since March 2023, Gabby is energetic, creative and has an organised and structured approach to work.

She has a passion for helping others and enjoys learning holistic health. Since graduating in July 2022, she has been seeking to pursue her passion in health, and assisting others.

As well as having 5 years of experience in childcare, Gabby has experience in customer relations and management for her small family-run business, learning on the job to manage administration, bookings and client liaison.


In the kitchen, you’ll find Gabby cooking all sorts of things, especially baking for family and friends. She also likes to take the opportunity to get dressed up and share a meal with friends.

When the weather is nice and the sun is out, Gabby enjoys going for a walk on the beach or a run through the bush.


Lucia Zhou


HSC 2022
Studying a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws.

Lucia started at MHBC in July 2022. She recently graduated high school and is currently a university student, studying a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws.

She has enjoyed the pilates classes and benefited from physio sessions, and has found the reception aspect very insightful.


She has played sports from a young age and is an ongoing patient at the clinic. Away from work, she’s studying, but Lucia also has an interest in reading, ice skating, and soccer.


Imagene Callinan


Bachelor of Media
(Communications & Journalism) 
Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture Therapies) (graduating 2025)

Joining the MHBC team in 2023, Imagene comes from an advertising and marketing background. She worked in fast-paced advertising agencies creating campaigns for both Australian and global brands for over 10 years before returning to university in 2022 to study acupuncture and Chinese medicine at Endeavour College. Imagene has a passion for helping others and holistic medicine.


When she’s not studying acupuncture, Imagene likes to spend time outdoors, especially camping and hiking in nature with friends and her fiancée. She also enjoys hot yoga, good wine, reading and spending time with her two cats Cashew and Pluto.



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