Our Classes

Book a group or private class with one of our qualified physiotherapists or pilates instructors.

Choose to enjoy a face to face session or online from the comfort of your home.

Physiotherapy Exercise Classes

Online & face to face

Option of 30 or 60 minute session | Do you have a specific rehab goal you need or want to achieve? Our qualified physiotherapists will design a program tailored specifically for your condition. Whether you want to improve your knee/hip/ankle/shoulder/spinal strength, stability, and flexibility, hold off joint surgery, or just want a whole body program to improve mobility.

NOTE FOR ONLINE CLASSES: If you need a piece of equipment you don’t have, you can purchase from our online store and we will send it out to you.

Pilates Studio Classes

face to face ONLY

60 minute sessions | Qualified Pilates instructors will guide you through sessions that work your whole body utilising a range of equipment from Trapeze Table, Reformer, Wunda chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector along with other small apparatus and the mat.

Meditation Classes

Online & face to face

60 minute session | Feeling a little overwhelmed? You have just had to make so many changes in your life, your regular routine has gone out the window and you feel your stress and anxiety levels creeping up. Join us for a weekly group meditation session or book a private session, to re-centre your mind and body.

Pilates Mat Classes

online ONLY
online & face to face

60 minute sessions | Mat Pilates is perfect for improving posture, mind-body connection, strength and mobility. Qualified Pilates instructors will teach you to perform exercises with good biomechanics and muscle activation. The movement skills you learn in mat pilates you’ll be able to carry over into any other form of exercise you do as well as movements commonly performed in your daily life.

Bones & Balance Classes

Online ONLY

60 minute sessions | This group class is targeted towards improving bone density and balance. You will be guided by a qualified physiotherapist through weight bearing, resistance, core and balance exercises to help your posture, mobility and your confidence. Your instructor will keep a keen eye out on your form and to make sure you are continuously being challenged.

Mums & Bub Classes

Online only

30 minute sessions | Do you want to get back into exercise but you are unsure where to start, whether it is safe to do so or if you will be doing your exercises safely? Our qualified physiotherapist will guide you through what to look out for to ensure you have good technique to perform exercises safely. Exercises will be targeted at improving overall capability of caring for your little one, added bonus – little one is welcome to join.

Barre Classes


60 minute session | Do you want a class to get your heart rate up, leave you sweaty and shakey? Barre class will sculpt your body and improve cardiovascular fitness through movements that derive from Ballet and Pilates. It is a low impact class that is kind on your joints but challenging on you mentally and physically. No dance experience is necessary.

Worried you don’t have a barre at home? You can use a dining chair instead!

Mobility Classes

online ONLY

45 minute session | Is your body feeling stuck? Creaky? Do you get up from your chair with gusto or do you moan and groan as you slowly creep your way up into standing? This class is tailored to oil your muscles and fascia to enable you to move smoothly and easily so you can get on with your day.

Family Exercise Classes


30 minute session | Want to get the whole family moving? Let go of your inhibitions & let us take you through 30 mins of fun. This class is designed to help parents, teens, younger children get your heart rate up, challenge your balance & co-ordination, improve upper & lower lib strength as well as improve posture. Suitable for kids as young as age 4.

Running Drills Classes

Online ONLY

45 minute sessions | All levels of fitness and experience welcome. Instructed by a qualified physiotherapist, the class is designed to improve your running biomechanics and reduce the chance of injury – so you can keep doing what you love, pain free. No equipment necessary. Choose to join an online group class or book a private session.

HIIT Classes

online only

30 minute High Intensity Interval Training sessions | Instructed by a qualified physiotherapist, the class is designed to spike your heart rate and improve muscular endurance. It is ideal for people looking to lose weight and / or increase fitness levels. Beginner to intermediate fitness levels welcome. No experience or equipment is necessary however, if you have some weights or exercise bands at home they can be utilised during the class to increase difficulty.

Office Mobility Classes

online ONLY

45 minute sessions | Is your body feeling tight and stiff from sitting or standing at your desk? Is your sore back or neck impeding your concentration levels? Guided by a qualified physiotherapist, the class aims to decrease tension and improve whole body mobility.

Our Products

If you need a piece of equipment you don’t have, you can purchase what you need from us and we can send it out to you.

Online Assessments

Book a private appointment with one of our qualified physiotherapists

Online Work Station Assessments

45 minute session | Have you set up your work station from home and feel unsure if things are set up correctly? Or is your back, hips, neck, arm starting to get stiff and sore? Book in for an online assessment with our physiotherapists to give you directions on how you may need to reorganise your workstation and what exercises you can do to counteract your standing or sitting postures.

Our Workshops

Book a workshop with one of our qualified physiotherapists or pilates instructors.


We run a range of workshops throughout the year focusing on specific techniques such as running, the use of different apparatus or fitness equipment to stress management and meditation.