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Mind Heart Body Centre


Be The Best You Can Be

Physiotherapy Treatment, Physiotherapy Exercise & Rehabilitation Sessions,
Pilates & Meditation Classes


We get to the root of your problem, soothe your pain and improve your performance


Helping to increase core strength, improve flexibility, breathing, posture and mindfulness.


A means of transforming the mind, heart and body by increasing mental focus and mindfulness


A range of classes that benefit you mentally, emotionally and physically from dynamic to passive exercise.

Mind : Heart : Body

We take a holistic approach to your wellbeing

Work with our North Shore team and improve your all round physical and mental wellbeing. Our highly qualified sports professionals work together as a team to address the causative factors that are contributing to your problem – we strongly believe that this is a far more long-term and effective method to treat a problem than treating only the isolated area of pain.

Our Methods of Treatment

Physiotherapy treatment is a method of assessing, diagnosing and facilitating the body’s natural healing abilities. At Mind Heart Body Centre, we treat our clients following Connect Therapy™ (formally known as the Integrated Systems Model). This model involves assessing your body, looking at your whole body’s twists and rotations and unwinding them throughout your entire system to decrease your pain and allow your body to perform at its optimal level. Muscles, nerves, emotions, and visceral systems are all taken into account when treating and assessing you.

Other Services We Can Offer:

At Mind Heart Body Centre in Artarmon (next to the popular suburbs of Chatswood and Willoughby), we combine traditional treatment modalities from the East with the most up-to-date treatment options from the West. There is a wide range of treatment options for those of you looking to tackle your problem using evidence-based practice applied in a holistic and natural manner.

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Get on top of your health: Take a holistic approach to your physical and mental wellbeing.

Our physiotherapy treatments, physiotherapy exercise sessions, pilates and meditation in Artarmon are trusted by an extensive client base across the suburbs of the North Shore.

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