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Pei-Jiun Cheah

Pei-Jiun Cheah

Hip Flexors and Proposal Stretch

Now that Christmas and New Year are done and kids are returning to school, is it time for you to get back to your work routine? What does that mean? Probably increased time sitting at the desk and driving the kids around!


In order to keep your hip flexor muscles flexible and mobile we would recommend spending time to stretch your hip flexor muscles regularly. Prolonged time spent sitting shortens and tightens those muscles. This can lead to several problems such as lower back and pelvic pain, hip and knee pain, weak core and gluteal musculature and poor posture. That’s why you may feel like your hips or back are sore or stiff after a sitting for a long car ride or at your desk all day, trying to stand up after long periods of sitting and even achiness when your first lie down on your back in bed at the end of the day


For those who are technically minded, the Hip Flexors are generally the Psoas (Major and Minor), Iliacus and Rectus Femoris muscles. The group can also include the Tensor Fascia Lata and the Pectineus. They are located in the pelvis/lower back area.



What can you do about tight hip flexors? Stretching regularly, maintaining good core and gluteal strength helps your hip flexors to be more mobile and less overactive. This can lower your odds of having hip and back pain and help you avoid injuries.



One of the best exercises to stretch out this problem area could also be the most important to get right in the “Romance Month” of February.  If you are planning on getting down on one knee at any point this month, it would be handy to do so smoothly and without the added groans that can come with tight muscles and have the ability to get back to the standing position without needing to lean on something or someone!

Click below to watch a video on our Facebook page that should help all those romantics amongst us and/or those who are just sore.

You can do them before you exercise as part of your warm-up routine, after long periods of sitting, or whenever your hips feel tight.


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