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Pei-Jiun Cheah

New Year, New You

Have you made a New Year's resolution? We have some news for you!

It is the time of year where many of us promise ourselves a ‘New Year, New You’. Whether your goal is to do more exercises, live without pain, or simply be able to move more easily in your daily life, we hate to be the bearer of bad news but statistics tell us that only 9% of people actually achieve their New Year’s Resolutions! 


We would like to help you spark positive change and succeed in your health and fitness goals this year – play with the kids, run a marathon, have a day pain free – we want you to be in the 9% that succeed!

What are muscle slings?

The human body is truly an amazing machine! Muscle slings are the connection between muscles and when the muscles then activate together they can enhance the stability of your body. When we injure ourselves, we can often create a dysfunction not just in the local area of injury but over time it can start to affect the areas that the muscles are connected to. This can then go on to create problems with the way we move or perform tasks. Hence, we will need to retrain various muscles as a system in order to return to full function.





Does Pilates train your slings?

Pilates is a great way to retrain dysfunction within all sling systems to allow efficient movement and performance. Our physiotherapists and Pilates instructors can assist you to ensure your rehabilitation involves the right sling/s for your injury. Each of our exercise classes is designed to address the various sling systems. Contact us to find out more about our classes.



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