Thinking of curing your physical and emotional problems using a more natural approach? Then why not try meditation classes, Pilates and physiotherapy treatment. Located just a short 10-minute drive from Chatswood, Mind Heart Body Centre encompasses a team of passionate and qualified health professionals who are committed to finding solutions to your problem by tackling them at the source as well as addressing the causative factors in order to avoid them re-occurring.

We understand that your body is your temple and we treat it with the utmost respect. With our “you-come-first” policy, we’re confident you’ll feel at ease knowing you and your ‘temple’ are in good hands.

Discover the benefits of meditation and Pilates classes

If you are looking to increase your flexibility, enhance your breathing techniques, improve your concentration and work on your mindfulness, you have come to the right place. Servicing Chatswood, Lane Cove and surrounding suburbs, our qualified team are dedicated to harnessing a totally holistic approach that incorporates different methods of physio treatment and meditation and Pilates. These classes are particularly effective in helping you to relax and replenish your endorphins, leaving you feeling not only physically healthier but mentally fresher as well.

Choose us for your dose of physio in Sydney’s North Shore

Combine your Pilates and meditation classes with physio for a total rehabilitation experience. Unlike other physiotherapy centres, we work to transform your body and mind from the inside out to help you live a more comfortable and liberating lifestyle. Allow our professionals to assess your body, decrease your pain and provide a physiotherapy treatment tailored specifically for your unique condition.

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For expert treatments in Pilates, meditation and physio for Chatswood, contact us on 02 8068 4696 or We can give your mind, body and heart the nurturing they deserve.