Don’t compromise your desire for a more natural and holistic approach to finding a solution to your mental or physical problem. At Mind Heart Body, we specialise in physiotherapy, meditation and Pilates for relief from pain and discomfort. We are firm believers in solving your problems by finding out what the causative effects are and rectifying these with a view to long-term pain management and relief. This approach involving physio, Pilates and/or meditation is proven to be more effective and can help prevent any re-occurrence of the problem. Our therapists and instructors are trusted across an extensive client base and are willing to help you solve your problem, whether it be mind, heart or body.

Using the Integrated Systems Model of physiotherapy for natural healing

This clinical approach focuses on examining the entire body to determine the individual twists and rotation movements of each area, and working towards virtually ‘unravelling’ all those tense muscles. By correcting these areas and allowing your body to naturally heal, you will find a huge improvement in the performance of not only the targeted area, but other connected areas as well.

Boost your physical and mental wellbeing with Pilates and meditation classes

As well as our rehabilitative physio sessions available, you can also receive a myriad of health benefits from Pilates and meditation classes in Lane Cove with the Mind Heart Body professionals. Pilates alone is great for straightening the posture and strengthening your core muscles while helping you to destress and release endorphins. Meanwhile, the practice of meditation enables you to learn deep relaxation techniques, improve mental focus and increase clarity to help you cope with everyday stresses while rejuvenating your energy levels.

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