Pre and Postnatal Physiotherapy

There is no doubt that pregnancy is a wonderful and life changing experience however it can take a toll on your body as it transforms to accommodate your newcomer.

This is due to your body going through various dramatic changes in a fairly short space of time. Many women develop physical concerns that vary from lower back pain due to the added weight of the baby through to carpel tunnel syndrome. We understand that it can also be a daunting and difficult task to assist your body back to full recovery once your baby arrives.

At Mind Heart Body Centre you can join in Pilates studio or mat classes, Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions or book in for manual physiotherapy treatment to help ease yourself through this process and help minimize the stress on your body.

Prenatal physiotherapy

Common conditions experienced during pregnancy:

  • Sciatica and Lower back pain
  • Pelvic floor weakness and Urinary incontinence
  • Sacroiliac joint pain
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome

Our experienced Physiotherapists at Mind Heart and Body are able to assist you by assessing your individual needs to provide safe treatments and ensure you get the most out of our services. As every pregnancy is different, our Physiotherapists will design a specific program to suit you. Through the combination of individual and group support offered by us, we can carefully monitor the progress of each patient and treat not only the area of pain but the body as a whole.

The benefits of prenatal physiotherapy have been well documented and can help ease your symptoms making the entire process more comfortable. Our Prenatal Physiotherapy treatments are catered to your specific needs to enhance your overall wellbeing and to facilitate a healthier and easier delivery.

Results and benefits of prenatal physiotherapy:

  • Core stability and strengthening of the pelvic floor
  • Preventing and managing back pain
  • Improving strength and flexibility
  • Increasing overall fitness which enhances potential for quick recovery
  • Helping manage body weight and self-image
  • Improving sleep through regular exercise

Postnatal physiotherapy

In addition to providing prenatal services, Mind Heart Body Centre also specialises in physiotherapy post pregnancy to help your body recover once your lovely bundle of joy has arrived. Postnatal Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions and Pilates can work wonders on your body to help to tone stretched areas, regain core abdominal strength and refine your waist through to supporting you post caesarian section recovery. It is our aim to have all clients recovering to their full potential as efficiently as possible. We want to assist you to be able to keep up with your newborn and have the time and energy to provide the nurturing they require.

Common conditions and symptoms that can be alleviated through Mind Heart Body Centre’s postnatal physiotherapy and exercises:

  • The onset or continuation of urinary incontinence
  • Back, neck or hip pain
  • Abdominal separation
  • Wrist pain
  • Post caesarian section pain
  • Bowel control difficulties
  • Pelvic floor weakness

As you strive to regain your figure after having your baby, we are able assess your postnatal physical and mental needs and design an individual treatment plan. Our Physiotherapists have the ability to carefully instruct new mothers on how to restart their fitness regime which is vital to the efficiency and continuation of recovery.

We also encourage postnatal group Pilates or Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions to help maintain your mental health and wellbeing as well as strengthen relationships with other mothers and their newborns. The countless benefits of pre and postnatal physiotherapy have been proven time and time again.