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Pei-Jiun Cheah

Texting Thumb

A global problem amongst many, texting thumb is the result of repetitive muscle strain.

Are you constantly on your mobile or tablet? Have you been noticing pain in your hand, particularly your thumbs? You might have a case of “texting thumb”.

Here are some ways that you could help decrease/ prevent thumb pain:

Stop texting!

This is quite challenging to do for most people but you need to stop the action that causes the strain and pain. There should be a limit to how much you are using your phone. Texting for hours everyday will take a toll on your hands (and neck), get yourself into the habit of breaking up how long you text for.

Immobilise the thumb

Depending on how severe the pain is in your thumb, rest may not be enough. The next course of action is to immobilise the thumb to avoid further injury. There a few braces that you could use to immobilise the thumb otherwise a physiotherapy hand clinic could mould one to the shape of your thumb.

Change the texting finger

If texting is unavoidable for you and is part of your job then change what fingers you are using to text. It might be difficult to start off with as you may not be used to using different fingers but it is a necessary step to getting yourself better.

Self releases

Grab some cream and do some self releases. Massage through the muscles in your thumb, in the web space between thumb and index finger and also up into your forearm.

Stretch out your thumb, wrist flexors and wrist extensors

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